7 Truths Pixar’s Soul Taught Me

What is 1 movie you can’t seem to shake off?

Mine is SOUL. I saw it 2 months ago, and I’ve been thinking about it since. It has explained so much, and it has left me questioning a lot of “truths” that I mistakenly held on to.

Here are 7 lessons that SOUL taught me:

  • Stop waiting for your life to begin. Just as Joe realized that life did not change after he got his moment onstage, how many times have you hit a “life changing” goal and say, “That’s it?” Yes, it’s human to have hopes and dreams, but also realize that with or without the fruition of those hopes and dreams, you can always find the essence of whatever you’re looking for right here, right now.
  • Don’t take your senses for granted. I loved the contrast of the pizza experience in the Great Before — where it just goes through — and on earth — where 22 gets to relish the vibrant pizza flavors and feel both the softness and crunch in each bite. Imagine how much more memorable life will be if we took the time to savor living through our senses, rather than rush through it.
  • How you see the world is your own perception. Even if 22 was using Joe’s body, her experience was very different. She wasn’t jaded with “regular old living,” so she was able to interact with the world with less judgments and expectations. She didn’t care if the pants got ripped because she didn’t know about shame yet. To her, it was just funny!
  • Rather than be interesting, be interested in people. I believe that the people around us are never there by accident — each one has a lesson to teach or an experience to share. If we spent less time projecting an image, putting up walls or getting their approval, then we’d have more time to be present with them, and to witness the unique stories they bring.
  • Don’t limit yourself to a singular purpose. This hit me hard. It made me realize that there is that strong tendency to attach our identities to our purpose, to obsess over that 1 thing. The truth is, we don’t have a singular purpose in this world. Life gives us an opportunity explore, to evolve and to fulfill a purpose every single day.
  • Overattachment creates lost souls. Overattachment to people, things, goals, passions, even our purpose…all these lead to our disconnection with life. Why? Because the obsession takes over, our priorities get messed up and we end up relying our worth, our joy and our lives to something outside of our control. That expensive house, that prestigious milestone, that dream vacation, that perfect family life will never be the barometer of your existence. You are worthy with or without them. You can live happily and meaningfully with or without them.
  • Words are powerful. The words people tell us can start controlling us when we start believing them, and when we start saying them to ourselves. We saw how Joe’s thoughtless words manipulated 22’s self-perception. Words have the ability to mess with our brains and to rule our lives, consciously and unconsciously. Even the most self-aware adults fall into this trap, moreso kids who are less capable in discerning between healthy and unhealthy, real and unreal words. Please, use your words wisely.

These were my lessons. What were yours?



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