How Are You Coping with the Lockdown?

How have you really been the past few weeks?

I flew out of Manila the day after the community quarantine announcement, and days seemed epically slow since then. A part of me wanted to be productive — read books, take classes, write blog articles, record videos — but a part of me didn’t want to accept this alternate reality. Why? Because things were flowing so well for me this 2020. I was living a healthier lifestyle, I was surrounded by supportive people, my confidence was soaring, workshops and coaching sessions were all lined up, my new-found passion for cooking was taking off.

But the more I monitored the news, the more I talked to people, the more it became apparent that things will never be the same again. The vision I initially set for myself, the vision that I was so sure was going to be a reality by midyear…was slipping away. I started feeling numb and helpless. I no longer wanted to think of what could be, I just wanted each day of the quarantine to be over and done with.

Then I randomly clicked on a Facebook Live session last night. It was Rajiv’s. He said that we need to let go of resistance, so that we can start moving forward.

Acceptance. A sense of surrender. Not losing hope. Taking control of what can be controlled. Not leaving life up to chance.

A crisis isn’t the time to back down. It’s the best time to adapt and play bigger than ever.

I don’t need every single covid-19 update — and trust me, neither do you. This crisis is teaching us lessons so that we can evolve, be more connected and be more responsible for our planet. Pick up the lessons and make it work for you.

This was the message I needed to hear. I’m writing this because maybe…this is something you needed to hear too.



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