The Most Powerful Weapon We Have

What is it about this person that triggers me?

I’d like to believe that I am one of those people who no longer gets triggered as often or as severely. But I do have my days. And it was pretty recent.

Being in the self-development arena, it can be challenging to keep myself from nudging people to make a positive change. In my heart of hearts, it’s because I want them to be happier, to stop suffering, to stop being so frustrated with life. But I also know that people will resist that help (and may even see it as intrusive) when they don’t want the help. I learned this the hard way so many times in the past.

As frustrating as it was, the universe gave me an answer…in the oddest way possible.

Just the other day, I was tossing and turning in bed all night. I knew something was up in my room. I felt it.

I ended up googling, “How to remove negative energy in your room.”

I came across this video that talks about entities and the like. He gave a bunch of instructions, but in the end, he said that the most powerful weapon we have is LOVE.

How in the world am I supposed to love these odd energies messing with me in my room? He goes on and says that everything in this universe comes from one source (in my case, God). Even the darkest of things come from that same source — it’s just that they may have forgotten about that detail.

So how does love factor into that equation? Showing love reminds people (and other energies) of what that oneness with source feels like. Instead of vilifying them, judging them, fighting them, or cursing them, remind them of how love feels like by showing compassion, saying a well-intentioned prayer, and sending light to guide their way.

Just like a lightbulb, I got my moment of clarity. It reminded me that I am no better than anyone else, nor is anyone better than me. Why? Because we come from the same source. We are all created equally.

So rather than feel frustrated with people and forcing them to change…love them. See their light.

Less judgments, more love (and a lot of deep breaths.)

PS: With this in mind, I just realized that there’s nothing (NOTHING!) in this universe to be afraid of.



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